New to Princeton, NJ?

Some practical information about getting to Princeton, getting around Princeton and – most importantly – getting good food in Princeton.

How to get to Princeton?

From New York City:

Train Travel: The NJ TRANSIT runs directly from NY Penn Station to Princeton Junction ($16).

Bus Travel: The Bus runs from Manhattan to Palmer Square right at the entrance of the Princeton campus. Taking the bus is cheaper than taking the train.

Uber (Pool) or a shared Lyft car is another option – the price of the service depends on time/demand.

For more information and for information see here.

From New Haven:

Northline (to Grand Central) or Amtrak (to Penn Station) to NYC. For information on how to get from NYC to Princeton, see above.

From Philadelphia:

SEPTA – Travelers from central Philadelphia can take the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), R7 line, to Trenton.

N.J. Riders must then transfer to NJ TRANSIT’s Northeast Corridor line to Princeton Junction and transfer to the “Dinky” to Princeton.

From Princeton Junction to campus:

There is a little train (“Dinky”) that runs between Princeton Junction and Princeton campus (5 minute train ride, about $ 2,50).

Cab:  $20-24.

Uber and Lyft are usually available (about $12).

Getting around campus:

In principle, everything in Princeton is in walking distance. Princeton University’s TigerTransit busses are free – neither ticket nor ID needed.


The top three places to get good coffee in Princeton are:


Lunch: On Friday as well as on Saturday there will be 90 minutes long lunch breaks. The most convenient and also effortable places to get  (take-out) food are:

  • Olives – A good place to get (take-out) food – salads, sandwiches, wraps, meat, fish and all kinds of snacks.
  • Porta Via – Looking for a healthy, organic salad or sandwich? This is the place to go.
  • Tomo Sushi – Just the right sushi place for a quick lunch.
  • Mamouns Falafel – Good prices, decent food.
  • Nassau Seafood and Produce Co – People usually go there to get fresh fish and seafood but they also offer delicious lunch sandwiches, smoked salmon and all kinds of seafood and fish salads to take out.
  • D’Angelo’s Italian Market – In addition to take-out food and salads, the Italian Market offers delicious pizzas and bakeries.


  • Agricola – for a fancy dinner, organic, american. They serve very good steak and salmon.
  • Blue Point Grill – A great fish-restaurant, but, alas, also pricey.
  • Moc Moc Sushi – This is definitely the best sushi place in town.
  • EFES Mediterranean Grill – They offer great mediterranean food, not too pricey, lot’s of delicious things to share.