Ape Law, 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial

Ape Law examines human-induced environmental violence on other species.

Utilizing the example of Sandra, the first ape in the world to be granted human rights by an Argentine criminal appeals court in 2015, the exhibit asks whether tropical forest fires can be legally recognised as acts of mass murder against the orangutans inhabiting them. A new kind of forensic archaeology tracks their fate by monitoring signs of their temporary architecture in the treetops.

This exhibition is organised by Forensic Architecture in collaboration with FIBGAR: Baltasar Garzón, m7red and Irendra Radjawali (United Kingdom, Spain, Brazil, Argentina).


  • Eyal Weizman
  • Paulo Tavares
  • Samaneh Moafi
  • Christina Varvia
  • Nabil Ahmed
  • Sophie Springer
  • Lorenzo Pezzani
  • Jason Men
  • Nichola Czyz


Further Information

Read more about the case and the exhibition here.

Also related: Eyal Weizman‘s piece “Are They Human” (e-flux).