Offices of the Jurist – Cardozo School of Law

9.20am – 11pm The Extinct Jurist – Chair Michael Fischl (Connecticut)

  • Thanos Zartaloudis (Kent): “Unofficial Gods and Laws”
  • Adam Sitze (Amherst): “Tenure of Office: A Genealogical Note”
  • Katrin Trüstedt (Yale): “The Procurator’s Precarious Office: Kafka’s Writing Scenes”

11.15 – 1pm Interiors – Chair Michel Rosenfeld (Cardozo)

  • Alex Thom (Birmingham): “Who is it that can tell me who I am?”
  • Patricia Gherovici (Philadelphia): “The Analyst’s Office”
  • Gian Giacomo Fusco (Kent): “Poetic Justice: Dante and the Office of the Jurist”

Prandial Break

2pm – 3.57pm Nomos, Office, My Justice — Chair D. Caudill (Vilanova)

  • Serene Richards (Birkbeck): “Action in an Age of Effectiveness”
  • Connal Parsley (Kent): “An Office for Technological Times: Through the Law without Jurists to a Jurisprudence without Law”.
  • Daniela Gandorfer (Princeton): “Spacing Out: Law Out of Office”
  • Valerie Hayaert (Bonn): “The Avatars of Lady Justice: Spatial Foundations for an Interpretative Plurality”

Light Libational Interlude

4.13-5.49pm Vacation and Envoi Chair Jean-Michel Rabaté (Penn.)

  • Gary Watt (Warwick): “Jurists or Jawists? The Office of the Orifice”
  • Emanuel Coccia (Paris): “Offices of Images”
  • Shaun McVeigh (Melbourne): “Modus Vivendi: Conduct and Limits of Office”