Spatial Justice – with Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos at the Tate, London

As part of the Spatial Justice day at the Tate, we will be hosting Prof Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, whose work is the leading force behind the day’s activities.

Prof Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos defines spatial justice as the conflict that emerges when one body wants to move into the space of another body. This opens up questions of symbiosis, creative confluence and regeneration, but also issues of power imbalances.

The interview will elucidate some of these issues in his work, and the ensuing discussion will attempt at situating ourselves in the ongoing move of regeneration but also displacement of local communities.We hope to explore ideas about the role of developers, art institutions, and artists in dealing with issues of spatial justice and productive ways of reflecting them in their practices.

Saturday 4 March at Tate Exchange

12-4pm – Clay Workshop with Shane Waltener

Tea Trolley Dances with Sally Child ( Director of bMoSo Academy of Song & Dance, Founder of The Society for Tea Trolley Dancing), Helen Morse Palmer, accredited Tea Trolley Dance Instructor and Tanztheater Adrian Look

(Choreography: Adrian Look. Music composition: Stevon Russel. Dancers: Alessio Cappelli, Morena de Leonardis, Durassie Kiangangu, Songhay Toldon, Haeyeon Lim, Taylor Thompson, Maria Ines Sousa, Daniel Potter and Amy Chambers).

3.30-4pm – Tea and Cake

4-6pm Spatial Justice with Prof Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos

Interview by Yoriko Otomo followed by a discussion with an invited panel.

Scale Model of the current Elephant&Castle shopping created in collaboration with Hester Buck will be on display.

All events are free and open to all.

UNEARTHING – Workshop at Tate Modern

This event is part of the UNEARTHING workshop series at Tate Modern.

The People’s Bureau shopping cart takes residence in Tate Exchange between January and April 2017. A space for the exchange of skills and needs, artists Eva Sajovic and Rebecca Davies invite you to take part in their workshop series UNEARTHING.

The project begins outside Tate Exchange in the weeks before in collaboration with artist Shane Waltener – digging up the clay and drying it. In Tate Exchange you can join the project and get involved in creating a collective piece that will be shared as part of a live sound performance.

The collaborative workshops aim to encourage dialogue around issues currently affecting our cities and communities, as they unearth ideas and thoughts on a series of provocations:

  • 25 January: Public/private space and the right to the city
  • 4 March: Spatial Justice
  • 8 March: Restoring the social bond through communal activity & our voices
  • 31 March: Participation as a tool for community/agency/authorship and ‘Place as Muse’, the ethics of working with community

This event is programmed by People’s Bureau, a Tate Exchange Associate.

About the People’s Bureau

The People’s Bureau is an installation in the Elephant&Castle shopping centre. Through skill exchanges the project activates individuals from local communities and collaborates with local organisations.

The project collects evidence and makes visible the diversity of cultures, skills, networks and resourcefulness present in an area, currently undergoing a large-scale redevelopment that is likely to permanently displace local individuals, traders and organisations.

People’s Bureau is intended as a rallying cry against the crude and merciless logic of corporate capital. It is intended to distill and to highlight:.

  1.  The role and function of public space and public commons.
  2. The capacity of the community to self-organise.
  3. Economic alternatives to cycles of consumption and destruction that, through emissions of gases, now threaten the future of life on earth.

For more information visit the People’s Bureau website.