Law and Legal Cultures Network Panels – GSA 2018, Pittsburgh

Law and Legal Cultures Network Panels at the German Studies Association’s Forty-Second Annual Conference in Pittsburgh, PA

September 27-30, 2018


Professor Barnet Hartston, History, Eckerd College (

Professor Todd Herzog, German Studies, University of Cincinnati (


The Law and Legal Cultures Network of the German Studies Association seeks to foster an extended interdisciplinary conversation on the law. We construe law and legal cultures broadly to mean the creation, administration, or use of law of any type (commercial, property, family, criminal, etc.); the ways in which laws function within society; the failure of law to fulfill its basic social purposes (for example, under the National Socialist regime); the use of law to either sustain or overcome any type of social inequality or injustice; and cultural studies of law and justice.

All periods of German and Central European history are welcome, as are papers in English or German. We encourage submission of individual papers as well as entire panels. While the GSA prefers complete panels, we hope to combine papers sent to us into complete panels and send them along to the GSA organizers.


Please submit a 250 word abstract and a brief CV by February 1, 2018 to the network’s email address:

Interested presenters are encouraged to contact the organizers with any questions.

Note:  One must be a member of the GSA in order to submit a proposal for the annual conference. All applicants to the Network series will be notified in advance of this deadline of the status of their proposals to the Network.