Law In The Limelight – DIY 14, 2017

Developing insights on law through performance and theatre practice

Project summary

Law In The Limelight is a set of monthly discussion workshops exploring the relationship between performance and law. Using theatre as a starting point and a framework, we will explore how an artist’s perspective can inform legal practice and provide insight into the aesthetic dimensions of law and power. The group will consider the visuality, vocality, performativity and spectatorship of justice through co-created and open-ended sessions with input from guest speakers. Facilitated by Jack Tan, the sessions aim to create mutual resources and connections that will support participants’ work as artists and/or lawyers.


Session 1 – VOICING THE LAW: creating vocalities and soundscapes of persuasion. #acoustics #vocalresonance #actorsvoice #hearings

Session 2 – DRESSING FOR JUSTICE: costuming and setting the scene for litigation. #scenography #drag #performativity #imagemaking

Session 3 – BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL: cheering and jeering from the court’s public gallery. #publicpressure #ContemptOfCourt #spectatorship

How to apply

Applications are invited via this link.

A short statement about you and your practice is required.

The deadline for applications is Mon 19 June at 12noon.

Dates, times and location

Dates: 28 Sept, 26 Oct, 30 Nov 2017

Times: 6.30pm-8pm

Location: London

The artist

Jack trained as a lawyer and worked in civil rights NGOs before becoming an artist. Jack makes work that explores the connection between the social, the legal and art, and he is interested in  how power is aesthetically produced through law. Recent projects include Voices from the Courts (2016) a Singapore Biennale presentation and residency at the State and Family Justice Courts of Singapore exploring legal vocality; Karaoke Court (2014-ongoing) a legally-binding karaoke dispute resolution process; Law’s Imagination (2016) a curatorial residency on legal aesthetics at arebyte; his solo exhibition How to do things with rules (2015) at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore; A kiss is just a kiss (2014), a performance exploring kissing and reconciliation at the Institute of International Visual Arts (Iniva).

If you have questions about this project, please contact Jack.

Supported By

Law in the Limelight is supported  by ArtsAdmin and arebyte gallery, and part of LADA’s DIY14 program which comprises 28 unusual training projects conceived and run by artists for artists. These include a 4-day eco Highland retreat, an investigation of the politics of administration, and an exploration of the performativity of Islam.