Synesthesia of Law Conference 2016 – Schedule

Day 1

17.00-17.30 / Symposium Opening


Thomas Y. Levin (Princeton University)

Introductory remarks:

Daniela Gandorfer (Princeton University)

Nofar Sheffi (Sciences Po Law School)

17.30-19.00 / #Sensible_Injustice

Patricia J. Williams (Columbia University) – LawSense:  On Leaky Dreams, Narrative Dust, Blaring Silence and the Legislation of Fear.

Bradley McCallum (Artist and Activist) – Between Languages: A Collective Portrait of International Justice.

Introduction: Eduardo L. Cadava (Princeton University)

Day 2

10.00 / Breakfast

10.30-12.00 / #Sensible #Legal_Objects

Peter Goodrich (Cardozo Law School) – Auriculation: Euphony, Cacophony, Organs and Laws.

Emanuele Coccia (EHESS) – Sensible Signs. Law as Material Semiotic in Christian Sacramental Doctrine.

Moderator: Valentina Luketa (Indiana University, Law and Anthropology)

12.00 / Lunch Break

13.30-15.00 /#Sensible #Legal_Subjects

Julie Saada (Sciences Po Law School) – Miasma and Violet. Olfactory Revolution and the Rise of Bourgeois Law.

Mikhail Xifaras (Sciences Po Law School) – Are lawyers constrained aesthetically?

Moderator: Anton Pluschke (Princeton University, German)

15.00 / Coffee and Tea

15.30-17.30 / #Affect  #Aesthetics  #Sensible_Judgments

Ann L. Stoler (The New School) – The Primacy of Affect in the Recesses of the Law.

Christian Biet (Paris 10 – Nanterre) – Theatrical Blood Tasting or How Spectators Feel the Judgment(s).

Jesus R. Velasco (Columbia University) – Legal Aesthetics and the Politics of the Sensitive Soul.

Moderator: Sarah-Jane Koulen (Princeton University, Anthropology, LAPA)

18.00-19.30 /#Smelling_Law #UrbanSpace

Mariana Valverde (University of Toronto) – The Eternal Return of Subjective Offensiveness in Local Law: Governing Unpleasant Smells.

Yishai Blank (Tel Aviv University) – The Smell of Cities.

Moderator: Lindsay Ofrias (Princeton University, Anthropology)

Day 3

9.30 / Breakfast

10.00-12.00 / #Painful_Law #Torture #War

Bernard E. Harcourt (Columbia University) –  Into the Abyss with Nietzsche: On the Extreme and Unthinkable. On Torture.

Allen Feldman (New York University) – Sovereignty and the First Person Shooter; Optics and Haptics as Shot/Reverse Shot.

Mangalika de Silva (PhD, Independent Researcher) – Of the Bios Xenikos and Postwar Impunity and Accountability.

Moderator: Amelie Ferey (Sciences Po, Political Theory)

12.00 / Lunch Break

13.30-15.30 / #blind_justice #visualization

Chitra Ganesh (Artist) and Mariam Ghani (Artist, Filmmaker, Writer) – Index of the Disappeared: Afterlives of Blacksites.

Eyal Weizman (Goldsmiths, University of London) – Saydnaya: A Memory Reconstruction of a Syrian Torture Prison. via Skype

Introduction: Thomas Y. Levin (Princeton University)

15.30 / Coffee and Tea

16.00-18.00 / #corpora_of_law  #corpses_of_law #bodies

Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos (University of Westminster) – Atmospherics of Control.

Kendall Thomas (Columbia Law School) – Corpus Juris (Homo)conjugalis.

Carey Young (Artist, The Slade School of Fine Arts) – You Have the Body.

Moderator: Nicholas Croggon (Columbia University, Art History)

18.00-18.20 / Closing Remarks

Eduardo L. Cadava (Princeton University)

Mikhail Xifaras (Sciences Po Law School)